Putting Yourself Inside the Story (Better Known as Second-Person)

The other day I did a post on first-person vs. third-person. And lately, I have this sudden interest in second-person, so I figured I should cover all the point of views.

Second-person is a point of view that fits in between first-person and third-person. It basically puts you, the reader, inside the story. It is as if you are the main character and everything around you is. . . well, actually around you. In second-person books, you aren’t the outsider that looks into the inside and watches. Now you are the main character.

It is actually a really interesting point of view to use, though I don’t think I could ever read a second-person book, much less write one.

Stuff like, “You lean closer to hear what they are talking about, but they spot you snooping, and they stop speaking almost immediately,” is second-person. Can you imagine that? Being put into the story?

I think the problem some people might have is decisions. When the writer/author, is writing the book, they usually don’t make decisions based on what the reader might choose. So, second-person obviously isn’t the real you. Still, it’s a pretty unique point of view.

Though, I think first-person makes you seem more like you’re the main character. You wouldn’t talk about yourself saying, “You went to the store the other day.” No, you say, “I went to the store yesterday.” But I guess it’s just the matter of placing you inside the story. Kind of like the author referring to you as he/she writers it.


I have never read a book about second-person, but I would like to see how it feels one day. It wouldn’t hurt to try something new in the world of literature.

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